Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fourteen Days

That is the question, and the answer actually. She Who is always Right has left the building, and the country, to track wolves. Somehow I rather doubt she has asked how the wolves feel about that. My interest faltered at the point she declared that 'Its -8 in Stockholm and -20 in Finland right now. ' In my mind there's cold; the out in the icy weather for an hour doing horsey/doggy things and then there is out all day and sometimes at night in -20 cold. I am bidding on the former very firmly.

So fourteen days is the question as in what I am going to do with it, and also the answer as in how long She Who will be away. What, is writing, viola playing and not watching Eastenders (Praise to Diety of your preference). It is also not cooking and not scaling Mount Sports Bag Wash every day. It will involve copious amounts of swimming and unavoidable chores. These consist of feed/walk/entertain/love doggy pack and cowtow/pander to/cosset snooty Oldenburg. I may even paint. I also plan to bid on two revolving bookcases in the local auction mart on Friday and to investigate further my desire to propagate worms. Yes worms. Really. Lots of em.

Why? Oh okay, this is why. We have five fur children and two moggies. The garden is under a rolling remodelling programme that will likely this year roll right over the site of my bonfire; where I dispose of the poo (whispers). Burning is hygenic but if I have no firepit, I cannot use it and I don't think a furnace however small will add to the ambience somehow. Wormcities however will digest said poo without smell and give us in return vermicompost. Really really good for growing veggies. We have a LOT of veggie plots and a poly tunnel. The wormcity is shaped like a square beehive and I am assured is smell free. And comes in tasteful black or green. Two large cities should do it. And they come complete with instructions and half a kilo of worms each. I will be the proud owner of a kilo of vermiculture operatives. Wow. Wow muchly.

Oh and now its supper time, at least so my tummy is claiming. Oh ho ho to the cupboard I go!

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