Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Don't talk to me about life!

So this is a blog, by me, Kimberley. I suppose one has to start somewhere so here goes.

Its a funny old world. No sooner does one set of problems get solved when 'hey presto!' here's another bundle of Gordian knots to juggle. This week's joy is a much beloved little spaniel suddenly presenting with epilepsy with no warning. I wouldn't mind but the Universe has already landed her with Diabetes. T'ain't fair... no it ain't.
Then what is fair? I turned around recently and discovered that I'm 'middle aged'. I mean, really; who decides these things? There I was, minding my own business; (I have to or everyone else minds it for me. It's complicated being a gay pagan female in this part of the world; but more of that later.) and along comes middle age. One minute I'm a young upstart and then people start addressing me as 'Madam' and I never once ran a brothel, honest! Never! Now I'm middle aged, not old, not young just hanging about in the middle of nothing much. No longer a fit chick that other fit chicks might want to date and not the cantankerous old biddy I one day hope to become. Just in the middle, splat.
In the middle of what? Oh nothing much, the usual complications that arise from too much water under the bridge. In the middle of a creaky overweight diabetic body that seems to think that to bend over and get something off the floor is a major expedition. In the middle of a complicated relationship with just about everyone I know including myself. In the middle of the lovely Highland scenery. In the middle of finding out that I can learn to play the viola at 54. I can paint,sculpt and write and the results are actually not bad. In the middle of realising that everyone else's dramas are not mine. In the middle of finding out that arthritis and longsightedness aside, its a funny old life, but not a bad one! Namaste!

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