Monday, 2 January 2012

Here comes 2012, the Olympics and snow.

Not necessarily in that order either. The snow is snowing presently and the Olympic mayhem is thankfully some way off. I will try hard to ignore it apart from the Dressage. This middle aged ogress dislikes sport. Especially if it tries to inclide me in its insanity. Dressage is actually an art form so it is permitted. At least it isn't synchronised swimming or ping pong. Enough about the sport already.
So I set up this blog last year and promptly forgot all about it whilst dealing with the worst year in recent memory. Well certainly in the last decade or so. Our lovely Ellie spaniel got very sick and went to the Rainbow Bridge. One of our horses had a horrendous accident and almost died. We have had leaking oil tanks, floods and water supply failures. Oh, and don't forget weather, in the Highlands you can rarely forget weather. We get such a lot of it; usually all at once.
Ok, well not going to forget blog again this year but right now a house full of hungry humans and a spaniel whose tummy is making awful squeaking noises indicating that she may well have digestive distress are calling louder than the written word. Wonder how you get pretty pictures and patterns on these things??

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