Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Rain and yet more rain.

It's almost midnight and I was going to bed. Then I looked at Facebook and it began to rain, now I'm wide awake and the brain is clanking relentlessly forward.
Had to rescue a sheep this afternoon. I don't like sheep, they are stupid creatures without characters, but I can't stand by and watch one be hurt. So there I was driving along our drive and there is a sheep; not as surprising as you might think, given that I live in the middle of a large farm. The silly animal had gotten its brain free head stuck in a gate and also through rylock wire and aforementioned head is being grasped firmly and not kindly by another neighbours large and quite scary Malamute. Luckily I know this dog is a coward so a good growly yell sent him scampering home. I could see his point, sheep seemed to be trying to enter his garden and was in his doggy mind therefore both fair game and property, somehow though I doubt that would be the view taken by either the sheep or its owner. Tiptoeing through inches of rainwater in my good shoes I suggested Mrs sheep remove herself and run away. Unfortunately, brain being a deficiency in the ovine per se she elected to try and fit her stupid self through the gap in the rylock and into malamute territory. The only recourse was to reach over the fence and rap her smartly on the nose to send her backwards and out of danger. Free at last she trundled away at a fair velocity for such a fat lump, not at all grateful for her rescue. That's sheep for you, she might at least have said Baaah!

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